Rajon Rondo and O'Neal in one team with the Big Three

I can dunk over Dwight Howard!
Rajon Rondo is the most versatile point guard in the NBA right now. He's got the length with his wide reach, speed thats uncanny, he steals the ball in every game, he chases the ball with hustle and rebounds it like a forward or center, out leaping taller players inside, all this while he shoots in the paint and enjoys dancing around defenders.

He's unselfish and assists his teammates well, in fact he has broken Bob Cousy's franchise record for assists in a single season. Rondo is a young point guard who has much learning and improvement to come in the next few years.

He's got passion for the game and one time refused to get substituted for foul trouble, he's grown in confidence while playing with the big three all-stars around him, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce.

Heading into this season, he's got a lot of motivation to reclaim the championship after losing out to the Lakers in the Finals. He now has a new center to play with in Jermaine O' Neal, and another season full of experience in the playoffs under his belt. This coming season will be an exciting one as the Eastern conference has become stronger with multiple player movement including...
a move for LeBron James to the Miami Heat.

It's gonna be a battle to win the East and I can see some challenging games ahead to get to the Playoffs. A good lineup has returned to give it another shot and Rajon Rondo now has a secure Nate Robinson to back him up.

Rondo has the hops as seen in the photo here where he  dunks in front of centers like Dwight Howard fearlessly!

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