Shaq is coming to Boston!

Shaquille O'Neal at the Buckley Air Force Base...Image via Wikipedia

Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal is gonna be a C! Once he joins the Celtics this NBA season we will totally tear apart all other teams!

With Kendrick Perkins out with an injury, the coming of Shaq is a blessing. Now imagine Shaq the big Leprechaun paired up with Jermaine O'Neal. What a beautiful sight to see! All the other teams will be green with envy as they can alternate, play at the same time just for fun, and also be part of either unit.

We've got a powerhouse team that keeps improving!
And if you look at my post more than a few weeks ago, Shaq just may be our lucky charm.
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DevPatel6o8 said…
Good stuff mannn... Shaq a Celtic... wow... but aye come check out my blog bout the Warriors and 49ers....

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daylef said…
So far Shaq likes the nickname The Big Shamrock.