Seattle and Boston similarities

Seattle and Boston have the same win/loss record right now. They are both relying on their 2 star players. Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis for the Sonics and Paul Pierce and Ricky Davis for the Celtics.

Although Seattle won the first matchup between the two teams, I'm going to bet that the Celtics will even the score in their next faceoff.

Both teams should have won more games, but due to some lazy defending and over confidence, they have given games away. I expect the two division champions to improve over the next few games while they try to get their young players to contribute more.

Al Jefferson of the Celtics and Nick Collison of the Sonics are two forwards that will help their respective teams score more in the paint.

Delonte West and Luke Ridnour are young guards with good vision and passing skills, they will lead their teammates to more wins, if they can improve their leadership and playmaking.