What the hell did Boston do?

Boston gave away their home-court advantage AGAIN. With the next game at Indiana, the Pacers can close out the series with a win, and if they lose, the Pacers can try again on the road. I think Boston definitely blew it, after beating the Pacers by a huge margin on the road, they lose at home.

I think the C's season may well end next game, they totally don't deserve to advance if they keep playing the way they do. Maybe if they changed somethings, like picking up the defense, moving the ball more, moving around more, play like there's no tomorrow (there isn't) and take better shots. I'm gonna find a scapegoat for the last game, I think it was... hmmm Walker's fault, he should have played less minutes because he ruined the chemistry of the players.

Whoever is blamed for this one, I still wish the Celtics win their next 2 games and advance. Nevertheless I hate to admit it, but the Pacers have performed well, and they deserve to reach the next round more than the Celtics.