A time to steal

Game 5 of the Sonics-Spurs series is coming up, and looking at game 4, the Sonics are in good shape to steal a win on the road.

(Ok i'm really wishing that the Sonics beat the Spurs so that I would have more stuff to blog about).

Although some people out there think it's very unlikely that Ray Allen and the rest of the Sonics can win at Tim Duncan's turf, I think it's possible, actually I'd say the Sonics have a good chance. If Seattle can keep the 2 San Antonio guards from scoring much, they may win.

And lastly speaking of steals, I just have to commend Damien Wilikins on his great performance in game 4, 7-11 from the field with 5 steals in a playoff game against the Spurs. Wow.