Seattle eliminate Sacramento from the playoffs

Now that Sacramento is out of the picture, it's time to focus on who's up next, Denver or San Antonio. It looks like the Spurs who are leading 3-1 with their next game at home might advance. Let's assume that the Spurs do face the Sonics, it will be a very interesting series for several reasons. Hopefully Brent Barry keeps up his terrible season, so that the Sonics win. He isn't shooting well so that'll help out Seattle.

Both teams split the regular season 2-2 so it might be close, although the Spurs are favorites to win, I think the Sonics can beat them.

Both teams have great bench and roleplayers, recently Manu Ginobili has played as a 6th man and it has worked well, he's shooting well and energizing their 2nd unit. Robert Horry is performing well with Glenn Robinson thanks to Manu.

On the Sonics squad, Nick Collison is stepping up, his shooting and rebounding is helping out the team a lot. Meanwhile Jerome James who had career performances in the 1st round will be a big boost for the Sonics, his scoring is way up and he is rebounding much more, especially of the offensive glass. Hopefully the Seattle point guards can contribute more, they weren't much of a factor last round so they have to improve their scoring and overall play. Lastly, if Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis play like their All-Star selves, they can make this series more exciting.