Must win game 6

Did you guys watch Spurs vs. Sonics game 5? The Sonics levelled the Spurs at halftime with each team scoring 50 points. Unfortunately, Seattle let Manu Ginobili score and assist on far too many points in the third quarter. Although Seattle tried to catch up it was to no avail because the Argentinian all-star was on fire. The loss at San Antonio was of course expected by most, but I was really cheering for Ray Allen to help win a road game.

Now that game 6 is at Seattle, can the Spurs eliminate the Sonics? The momentum is definitely with Tim Duncan and his teammates but here are some things to consider before they can win it all.

1. Can Manu Ginobili perform like he did in game 5? Odds are he won't because the Sonics will guard him better. Which brings us to number 2.

2. Can Tony Parker improve his bad shooting in the last game? My answer would be yes, definitely. If you watched the fourth quarter of game 5, Tony made key shots in a row. Jump shots from just inside the arc that really killed off the Supersonics.

3. Will Rashard Lewis play? I sure hope so but his toe is still busted. His offense was definitely missed. Although Damien Wilkins did a good job, he's no Rashard.

4. Ray Allen will make up for his subpar play. I'm definitely counting on him to jack up more shots, especially those 3 bombs.

5. Home court advantage and foul calls. Who will get the better foul calls? I think Seattle will have the edge here.

Although there are several more interesting things that can happen in game 6, I'd like to hear your comments instead.

Let's all hope that Ray Ray can force game 7!