The playoffs are coming soon!

Ok my teams are #3 seeds in their respective divisions so it's time to discuss some first round matchups. Out west it looks like Seattle will face off with Sacramento or Houston in the first round. Sacramento looks as though it can upset the Sonics with their play. Houston's Superstars can definitely spoil the Sonics in the first round as well so that's not good news at all.

Over in the east, Boston goes up against Cleveland or Indiana for now. Well with the way James and the Cavs are playing, they could also upset the Celtics. I guess it all comes down to roster depth and playoff experience, and in my opinion the Celtics win in both categories with players such as Payton, Pierce, and Walker. Although the Cavaliers are a well rounded team who can play both offense and defense. On the other hand, if they face Indiana, it would be like a reply of last years playoffs but with a different outcome because Indiana ain't got Artest, and O'neal is injured. I admire Reggie Miller's work over there with the absence of their other stars, and the whole team for making the playoffs without them, but there are definitely some key things missing for the Pacers.

Check back next week with another playoff update.