Celtics clinch playoff spot!

This is from the official site of the Boston Celtics, in the Playoff Central section.

"With the Celtics clinching their fourth straight playoff berth Wednesday, it’s time to start breaking down who the C’s may matchup with in the first round. Should the Celtics go on to win their first Atlantic Division title since the 1991-92, season they would be the #3 seed and face the #6 seed. But who will the #6 seed be? At this point it comes down to as many as five different teams. So take some time and see who the Celtics could match up with and who might be the best matchup for the C’s.(all stats as of games played through April 13th)

Chicago Bulls (44-34)Season Series: 2-2

Indiana Pacers (43-35)Season Series: Indiana Won: 2-1

Cleveland Cavaliers (40-37)Season Series: 1-1

Philadelphia 76ers (39-38)Season Series: Philadelphia Won: 3-1"


Personally I would like to have either Indiana or Philadelphia go up against Boston because of the rivalries between the teams. Although I'd rather see the Sixers' 2 A.I.'s with Webber matchup with Pierce, Walker, Payton, and the rookies. Oh and did I mention coach O'Brien leading his new team against his former? That's gotta be intense all the way!