Boston versus Indiana again...

The Celtics are up against Indiana for like the nth time. These 2 rivals are surely gonna give it all they got, but with both sides sporting ver different line ups, expect the unexpected.

Reggie Miller has had a great season considering the loss of his teams star players. O'Neal, Artest and Jackson were banned for their violent conduct against Detroit yet the Pacers still managed to make the playoffs this year. Of course Miller had help from Tinsley and some of the bench players, but he shouldered most of the load to carry his team to another post-season berth. This leads me to ask, should Reggie Miller retire yet? My answer is a resounding no, because at his age he still has a lot of game.

Meanwhile the Celtics are the Atlantic division champs, and have got home court advantage. Much of their success came from Gary Payton's leadership, Antoine Walker's energizing influence, Ricky Davis' spectacular bench performances, and of course the rookies. Tony Allen was moved to the starting line up mid season due to his great defensive ability and athleticism. Al Jefferson was an efficient scorer in the post and a fierce offensive rebounder evidenced by his league topping statistics. While Delonte West has provided some great assists to back up Gary Payton and Marcus Banks. Of course there is Paul Pierce and the game winning shots he made in the last few games of the season. He really is clutch.

Lastly, Danny Ainge should be congratulated for his trades and draft picks. Bringing back walker sure took a lot of guts, and the three rooks he got are all great.

I sure hope to Celtics make it all the way to the finals to complete a Boston city sporting rout. The other teams in the city did very well in the MLB and NFL.