Boston down 2-1 against Indiana

Boston is in trouble.

1. First of all, the C's are down 2-1 with game 4 on the road at the Pacers.
2. Walker created a big mess, he just might get a suspension or a fine or worse, both.
3. They're letting O'Neal play with them, that guy has an injury and shouldn't be scoring that many points.
4. They gotta play more D, they are one of the best offensive teams in the league, but fall short on the defensive end.
5. They are letting a retiring player score too much. Reggie Miller needs to be taken care of using whatever means.
6. The Celtics need to focus, they lost against a bunch of bench players, injured handicapped players, and senior citizens, they should've beat them already.

Comments said…
your drunk, high, stoned, two sheets to the wind, no cheese on your cracker, riding the short bus. The Pacer's are so much better than you or Boston gives them credit for. Thus you now find yourselves in a hole.
booth52 said…

First off best wishes and good luck on your blogging exploits.

I've got one question: boston and seattle?? I think it is vital to your repuation that you explain this strange dichotomy immediately. You are from one, wife from the other? Born here, raised there?

Anonymous said…
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