Antoine walker, keep him or get rid of him?

Antoine Walker recently moved back to Boston. Is he the missing piece needed to make the playoffs, or will he be the reason the Celtics lose more games? At this point I think it's a little too early to tell but signs are pointing upward, a recent string of wins for the C's have proved that he can bring positive things to the team.

Surely his playmaking and rebounding skills are beneficial but will his shot selection improve or will it ultimately be his downfall. Maybe if he practices shooting more long range jumpers then the whole team would benefit but as it is, his treys are better off becoming alley-oop passes. Let's wait and see, but for the Celtics sake, we sure hope he brings more W's.

'Toine, if you can read this, toss that ball up for the dunkers, maybe you'll make more assists than misses. Just teasing, go get 'em!